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Please read all of the following terms of use for this Website (the “terms”) before using this Website and use it only when you agree to the terms. By using this Website, you signify your acceptance of the terms. GMO Brights reserves the rights to modify the terms at any time without prior notice. Your use of this Website after the posting of modifications to the terms will constitute your acceptance of the terms, as modified.

1. Information Contained within this website

Although GMO Brights has exercised all reasonable care in providing information on this Website, no warranty is made as to its accuracy, timeliness, usefulness or other aspect of the information. GMO Brights will not be liable for any damage caused by using this Website, so far as this disclaimer is permitted under the applicable law.

GMO Brights may add to, modify, delete, suspend or cease to publish the information available on this Website at its discretion without prior notice. GMO Brights will not be liable for any damage caused by such action, so far as this disclaimer is permitted under the applicable law.

2. Recommended Operating Environment

(1) Recommended Browser: This Website is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 (Windows or Macintosh) or higher. Some pages or contents of this Website may not be displayed properly when accessed using the browser that differs from that described above. The following plugin and helper application may be required to view a certain page or content.

・Macromedia Flash Player

・Adobe Reader

(2) Recommended Display Size: 1024 x 768 pixels or more

(3) Javascript: This Website uses Javascript and may not be viewed or operate properly if Javascript is disabled in your browser. Please enable Javascript in your browser to view this Website.

(4) Style Sheet: The style sheet may be used in this Website to define the page design. If the style sheet is turned off or your browser does not support the style sheet, the page design may not appear properly.

3. Copyright

The copyright of documents, images, videos, sounds, programs or other materials provided by this Website (the “documents”) is held by GMO Brights unless otherwise provided and the copyright is protected under the copyright law of each country, related treaty and other laws. Users of this Website are only permitted to view and print the Documents for their own non-profitable and personal use. Any unauthorized copy, diversion, alteration, analysis, public transmission, transfer, loan, license or commercial use of this Website is legally prohibited, except for the personal use or to the extent expressly permitted by applicable law.

4. Trademark

The marks “GMO Brights Consulting”, “GMO ブライツコンサルティング” and “GMO Brights Consulting Logo” used on this Website are GMO Brights’ registered trademarks. “LIVE” is also GMO Brights’ trademark. Any other company names, product names or service names are only cited for display and they may be registered trademarks or trademark or trade name applications of each company.

5. Links to this Website

If you wish to link to this Website, please contact GMO Brights refuses links from the following websites:
・Any websites with content that offends public order and morals;
・Any websites with content that defames or slanders or is likely to defame or slander a specific individual or entity;
・Any websites that may harm reputation of GMO Brights; or
・Any websites that GMO Brights deems inappropriate at its discretion.

* Even if GMO Brights gives you a permission to link to this Website, GMO Brights reserves the rights to revoke the permission whenever it determines that the linked website deviates from the adequacy of the permission.

You are required to use the text link to create a link to this Website unless you have a special license. Links that display this Website within a frame of the linked website and do not display the URL are prohibited.

Please make sure that the link to this Website is displayed in separate window.

When you link to any of the lower-layer pages, please be aware that the linked page may be deleted without prior notice due to a change to the site structure, file name or server configuration.

6. Link Websites

Each corporation or individual is liable for the management and operation of the content of the third party websites linked to or from this Website (the “Link Websites”) and those Link Websites are not under control of GMO Brights. Please use the Link Websites in accordance with the terms of use provided by each Link Website. GMO Brights is not liable for any content of the Link Websites or any damage caused by using the Link Websites.

The links to this Website are provided only for users’ convenience and do not constitute GMO Brights’ recommendations of the use of or the goods, services, companies, individuals or other matters provided on the Link Websites. They do not indicate business alliance, cooperation or other special relationship between GMO Brights and any corporation or individual that manages and operates the Link Websites.

7. Troubles Associated with Access to this Website

GMO Brights will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage incurred by you due to any trouble with your PC, accessories, software or hardware in the network environment in connection with your access to this Website, so far as this disclaimer is permitted under the applicable law.

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise provided in the terms, the use of this Website and the terms will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Unless otherwise provided in the terms, the district court of the area in which GMO Brights’ head office is located will have the exclusive jurisdiction as a court of first instance with regard to any dispute arising from or in connection with the use of this Website.

9. Comments or Queries regarding this Website

If you have any comments or queries regarding the content of this page, please feel free to contact us at

Published on 1 April 2004.
Revised on 26 November 2009
Revised on 12 January 2016