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CEO Ryuji Kozu /COO Mitsuaki Nakagawa
(CEO Ryuji Kozu /COO Mitsuaki Nakagawa)

Message from the CEO

Be the invincible guardian of all rights of the world. On milestone of our 10th anniversary, we reviewed our past 10 years and CI(Corporate Identity) in order to review our own corporate brand and work toward next 10 years. The opening phrase is summary of expectation from our customers and our raison d’etre. Since our establishment, we have been pursuing innovation by acting quicker than anyone and keeping track of the cutting edge in global trends, in order to always provide services which satisfy our customers needs by precisely seizing their needs and market trends.
We had only 5 members at our establishment, but now have top caliber people gathered from over 20 countries. We grew to be a global company which owns branch offices and overseas subsidiaries worldwide, and our the structure is evolving to fit better to our customer’s expectations.
Recently, the importance/demand of intellectual property right is spreading on a global scale. Also, while the rise of various countries and globalization grows, companies are needed to maintain solid presences. With our own network of 200 countries and areas worldwide, our company staff will propose best solution and provide operation with more credibility as the invincible guardian of rights.

COO Mitsuaki Nakagawa
CEO Ryuji Kozu