Global trademark Watching 45

Characters and figures / approximately 160 countries / a package of 1, 3, 5, 10 or 45 classes / report by e-mail / report management tools

We offer a watching service for the word or design of your chosen trademark; checking daily for announcements and registrations of similar or identical trademarks in all 45 classes (there is a choice of a 1, 3, 5, 10 or 45 class package) in 160 countries around the world. We send a report, by email, of any similar or identical trademarks that are identified.

Prior applications for service trademarks by third parties contemplating infringements on the Internet are a growing problem. Even for manufacturers, ‘service trademark’ watching is becoming essential for dealing with obstructions to their business.

Global Trademark Watching 45 is designed to meet the specific needs of a customer who:

  • is currently conducting trademark watching for certain classes but feels it is too costly;
  • wishes to conduct trademark watching for an additional number of classes of the targeted trademark but unable to do so because of its high cost;
  • has trouble keeping the watching reports sent via mail or fax and wishes to improve the management system so that they can be easily re-accessed and searched.

Global Trademark Watching 45 provides the best solutions for new-generation trademark watching with a user friendly package of 1, 3, 5, 10 or 45 classes.

Chinese Trademark Watching

Chinese trademark /target country: China only/ all 45 classes / report by e-mail (in pdf)

In the case of ‘Chinese language’ trademarks under the Chinese Trademark System there is a risk that there may be several trademarks which have identical pronunciations.

This is due to examination criteria unique to China as a result of the Chinese characters or ‘Kanji’. According to those criteria, two trademarks that have identical pronunciations will be deemed dissimilar as long as they have different character strings and the connotations of these character strings are different.

Therefore, there is a risk that several ‘Chinese language’ trademarks that have identical pronunciations may exist within the same category of designated goods and services.

Chinese Trademark Watching is a watching service for Chinese language trademarks of all 45 classes, a daily search for trademarks that are published or registered upon application by third parties.

When conducting Chinese trademark watching, we at first pick up several trademarks that are similar in terms of appearance, concept and pronunciation. Especially for the pronunciation, we pick up the trademarks with similar pronunciations after converting them into pinyin (pronunciation expressed in Roman characters). Chinese trademark watching service allows you to find the Chinese trademark that has a pronunciation identical to your Chinese trademark but whose meanings or letters are different.

We will make a report to you, via fax or in pdf file, of any identical or similar trademarks detected.