Trademark – Management Service

Trademark registration is the only industrial property right (for example, patent & design) that can be renewed upon request.

In many foreign countries, trademark registrations are eligible for renewal every 10 years. However, different countries have different renewal periods due to their respective trademark laws. In some countries, the initial registration of a trademark is 7 years and renewal for further periods is 14 years.

In Japan, the trademark registration fee may be paid in installments, and registration periods of 5 or 10 years are available.

Therefore, it is necessary to be acquainted with the system of each country in order to maintain and manage overseas trademark rights. Ensuring rights maintenance, renewal and information management of trademarks is a crucial theme for corporate business activities.

We manage the information and renewal dates of our customers’ valuable trademarks using our knowledge and experience of overseas trademark systems and systematic operation, to ensure that the trademarks are renewed without fail.

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