Global Trademark Registration Service

In collaboration with local trademark/patent attorneys and attorneys at law, we implement procedures for securing and maintaining trademark rights: from trademark registration to renewal management, in all countries and areas that have trademark laws or systems.

If you are going to apply to register your trademark in a foreign country, you need to be familiar with the trademark laws of that country. For example, if you make a trademark application in a foreign country based on your trademark rights in Japan, in most cases your application will be rejected if it is simply an English translation of your trademark or designated product.

Before applying for a trademark in a foreign country, it is necessary to consider the relevant trademark laws and systems of that country, to perform a search for identical or similar trademarks already registered in that country and also to carry out checks to make sure that your trademark does not have any negative meanings when considered in the context of the that country’s language or culture.

Securing trademark rights is essential for expanding business in foreign countries. In order to protect customers’ business and brands, we provide professional and speedy support for securing trademarks in the most cost-efficient way.

Trademark Renewal Management Service

Trademarks are the only “industrial property rights” (namely, patent rights, utility model rights and design rights) which can be renewed by making an application.

Although trademark registration is subject to renewal every 10 years in many countries, the renewal period for trademark registration varies depending on the trademark law of each country. For example, there are some countries where the trademark registration is valid for 7 years from the application date, and can be further renewed every 14 years.

As such, you need to be familiar with the system in each country in order to properly maintain and manage your trademark rights. A solid maintenance, renewal and information management system for your trademarks is a very important part of managing your business as a whole.

Using our knowledge and experience of overseas trademark system information and systematic operation, we maintain the data of your valuable trademarks and manage their renewals to ensure that your trademarks are renewed in good time.