Trademark Services

A trademark is a vital intellectual property which supports corporate brands. It can be said that trademark registration is an indispensable part of your corporate branding strategy. Trademark registration guarantees exclusive use of the trademark so that a consumer can distinguish your products and services from those of others. Therefore, having a registered trademark is essential for your corporate brand to be recognized.

Along with the development of the internet, international business trade has been increasing and business itself is becoming borderless. With this in mind, securing trademark rights to protect your corporate brand is an important consideration for a global corporation.

Development of the internet has globalized technology and information.

Intellectual Property is no exception: the internet has brought innovation to IP operations such as on-line filing of trademark applications and computer-based trademark databases.

GMO Brights Consulting Inc. keeps up with these trends in order to assist you with securing your trademark rights, using a network of professionals in over 180 countries/areas, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and cutting-edge systematic operation.