Domain Name Audit

Based on the results of a `Wild Card Name search’ (see below), we investigate and classify the owner of the domain name (owner review) and use records of how the domain name is being used (screen captures) along with our specialist know-how to categorize the domains in terms of how much risk they pose. We then offer consulting on how to expand your domain name portfolio and how to retrieve domain names which have been registered by third parties.

Wild Card Name Search (Search for existing domain name registrations)

We perform a search for domain names (i.e. ccTLDs and gTLDs registered in each country or area) that incorporate the specified character strings in the hostname (as a prefix, infix or suffix), and record the registration status, name of the registrant, contact address and other related information based on the publicly available Whois database. This search enables us to discover third party owned domain names that include character strings that correspond to your company name, product name or service name.

Ownership Search

We perform a search for domain names (gTLDs of .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info only) by registrant name. This search is effective for searching not only domain names held by a third party but also those registered in your name.

Investigation of Company/Individual

We can carry out an investigation of companies or individuals such as the current domain name registrant or a complainant in a domain name dispute.