Global domain name service (gTLD, ccTLD registration and renewal)

We carry out the registration, maintenance and renewal procedures for gTLD(※1) and approximately 250 ccTLDs (※2) around the world.
Please see ‘World Domain Names’ for a list of the ccTLDs used in each country and area.

We are an accredited registrar for various TLDs

※1 gTLD: Generic Top-Level Domains (ex. .com / .net / .org / .biz / .info)
※2 ccTLD: Country Code Top-Level Domains (ex. .jp / / .cn / / .fr /.es)

The role of Domain names

Domain names are no longer merely identifiers that define your address space on the Internet. Just like trademarks, they have source display, quality assurance and advertising functions that give them an important role to play in the cyber-market.

Domain names are effective marketing tools, potentially even more so than trademarks:

  • The domain name itself can communicate a brand message to customers.
  • Domain names can increase customer accessibility, when used in conjunction with TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, advertisements and other such media.
  • Every domain name is globally unique; its exclusive utility value means that it can be used to differentiate your brand.

It is particularly important to consider registering your brand under the following major Asian ccTLDs:

Please click hereto see the full list of gTLDs and ccTLDs of each country and area.We can assist with ccTLD registration in any country for which it is possible to fulfill the registration requirements.