How can we protect our domain names? How can we put our domain names to good use?

Brights Consulting offers consulting services and operational assistance with managing your trademarks and domain names, the Intellectual Property rights which will support your brand.

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We already registered our domain name so there shouldn’t be any problems...

Are you sure you are not forgetting a domain that needs registering?

We recommend carrying out a review of your domain name portfolio, particularly in the countries where you own trademarks, countries in which you conduct a significant amount of business and countries which have high levels of infringement. Of course, if a domain name arises that needs registering we will assist you with registering it if necessary.

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We went to the effort of registering this domain name just to protect it; is there anyway we can actually use it?

Even if it is a domain name that was just registered in order to protect it from such risks as cyber squatting, there is no need to let it go unused. We recommend that you look in to an effective way to use it, such as forwarding the domain to your company home page or a marketing page.

For more information, please seeDomain Forwarding Service

Is there any way to search the status of domain names all over the world?

It is still possible to find numerous domain names which are made to resemble famous brand names by adding letters on the front or end or inserting hyphens. We recommend that you carry out a global domain name search to check for the existence of domain names which may be causing damage to your business.

For more information, please seeSearch for existing domain name registrations

How important is it to register domain names overseas?

A Japanese person who sees a popular name (word) is likely to type the URL ‘’. In the same way, a Korean person would type ‘’ and a British person will type ‘’. In other words, we make a guess about the domain name and try looking for the site this way.

By using a domain name which incorporates the TLD for that country, your domain name will be more effective for online marketing.

For more information, please seeGlobal domain name service

Our domain name has been registered by a third party. How can we get it back?

We look at many factors such as how the domain was registered, whether the third party has any legitimate rights to the domain, if your company has rights to the domain, and how the website is being used, in order to evaluate how likely you are to be able to retrieve the domain name. We use the results of the evaluation to decide the next plan of action.

For more information, please seeDomain Name Recovery Consulting

We need to monitor a domain name which has been registered by a third party, but it is too much hassle...

How your domain names are being used is a concern; even more so if your domain name has been registered by a third party. It will cost time and money to keep checking the same page every day. If you have a system for checking regularly for changes in the page, you will be able to limit the amount of time and effort you spend on risk management.

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Renewing our overseas domain names every year is too much work for our head office and we are concerned about leaving it to our overseas offices.

Nowadays the need for cost-cutting and cutting human resources is a common issue. How efficiently you can outsource your work will have a great effect on your Intellectual Property strategy. The domains registered by overseas offices are also your trademark rights, so we recommend that you transfer the ownership to your head office and manage and maintain them as part of your Intellectual Property operations. Managing domain names is one of the areas in which Brights Consulting can offer expert knowledge and experience.

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There is no consensus regarding the management of our company’s domain names. Which section should be in charge of managing the domains? Also, our employees don’t appreciate the importance of domain names.

Managing the domain name portfolio of a large company is not only the work of the Intellectual Property department, it also involves several other departments such as the Systems department, Management and Planning division and Marketing and Advertising department. It takes a lot of work to set out a policy for protecting or using domain names and then putting that policy into action. At Brights Consulting, we take over the role of explaining to your staff the concept that domain names are important Intellectual Property rights which require protection.

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