The Importance of Website Monitoring

You wanted to obtain a domain name, but it was taken by a third party...
You want to claim it back, but it is costly and you lack the evidence to claim a dispute...
In such situation, it is important to implement domain management by monitoring the contents of the website that uses that domain name.

Users illicitly directed to third party sites Illegitimate use of information or content
Adult content Fraud using mock sites
Sales of counterfeit goods Sales site for illegitimate imports
Defamatory or abusive content Trademark infringement
Content which is damaging to your business reputation Unfair business competition

Bearing in mind that we cannot communicate face to face when making transactions on the internet, it is particularly important to carry out efficient and effective risk management as soon as possible in order to detect and eliminate third-party websites which pose a potential risk to your business. Following the adoption of a dispute resolution system by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and amendment of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law, domain names are now defined as Intellectual Property rights. So just as with other Intellectual Property rights, it is necessary to manage your domain names as a business resource in order to prevent unauthorized use by a third party.

Website Monitoring Service

We periodically monitor websites operated using domain names acquired by a third party and report changes to the relevant website. Monitoring changes to the website (in terms of whether it has changed to an offensive or adult site, a website using a brand without permission or a website offending public order and morals) helps enhance your risk management capacity.

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Renewal Monitoring and Back Order Service

In some cases, domain names registered by a third party are not renewed at the end of the specified renewal period. In such case, we monitor the release of the domain name from the management database and then take necessary actions for applying to register the domain when it becomes available.

This service covers all domain names including gTLDs (eg.. .com/ .net/ .org/ .info) and ccTLDs (eg. .jp/ .cn/ .kr/ .in).