Overview of Domain Names Services

Domain names are important marketing tools which play a role as a gateway to the web. 25 years has passed since the introduction of the first domain name in 1985 and there are currently 200 million domains registered globally.

In 2008, the total number of active sites topped 100 million, and the number of internet users exceeded 1 billion. The introduction of the internet has transcended the conventional limits of information media, and completely changed the concept of company and product marketing. The continuous output of information via websites increases communication with the customer, strengthening customer relations, and leading to an increase in the value of your brand.

‘Domain names’ are no longer merely a means of indicating your address on the Internet. Just like trademarks, they have source display, quality assurance and advertising functions that give them an important role to play in the cyber-market.

Whilst domain names are marketing tools, they are also important intellectual property rights. As with other intellectual property rights, companies need to manage their domain names as business resources, through registration (or protection), maintenance and use, with the aims of preventing unauthorized use and avoiding infringement of the rights of third parties.

The system of registering and maintaining domain names varies, even more than trademarks, depending on the country and the district of the domain name registry. Therefore, when trying to take action to protect your domain name it is important to understand that there are a number of ways of doing so. GMO Brights Consulting Inc. provides the optimum management model for your domain, using the following process:「search・audit」, 「register・maintain」, and「manage・monitor」.

Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities and Registrant Educational Information

Domain Name Management Information

At GMO Brights Consulting, we have kicked off a New gTLD team and have been involved in comprehensive resarch for the project since 2007. For those who are interested in applying or wish to learn more, please contact us. We provide professional consulting, application support, and Registry functions through our relationships with our partners. Furthermore, after application, we provide policy implementation and management for Registries. We guarantee to provide a high level of sincere service.