Brights Consulting Corporate History

Jan. 2004 Established on 7 January 2004
Mar. 2004 Approved under the Temporary Law Concerning Measures for the Promotion of the Creative Business Activities of Small and Medium Enterprises
Aug. 2004 Release of Domain Name Management ASP Service “Live Domain”
Aug. 2004 Release of Website Monitoring Service “Live Capture”
Oct. 2004 Launch of Tokyo Office at Nihombashi-Muromachi
Dec. 2004 Release of Website Monitoring Service “Live Capture” Global Package
Feb. 2005 Moving of the head office to Nihombashi-Muromachi
July 2005 Becomes first Japanese corporation to be accredited as .eu registrar
Aug. 2005 Approved as a designated general use .jp domain registrar
Dec. 2006 Approved under the Management Innovation Support Regulation for Small and Medium Enterprise
July 2007 Moving of the head office to Nihombashi-Kodemmacho
Nov. 2008 Ryuji Kozu becomes CEO
Nov. 2008 Release of BRANTECT
Nov. 2008 Becomes accredited ICANN registrar
Nov. 2009 Yuri Konno, President-CEO of Dial Service Co. Ltd., becomes external board member
May 2010 Moving of the head office to Hatchobori
Apr. 2011 Luxembourg Subsidery Company Established
July 2012 Okinawa Branch Established
Aug.2012 Korea Branch Established
Mar. 2013 Kansai Office Established
Jan. 2013 Moving of the head office to Kasumigaseki
Nov. 2013 Mitsuaki Nakagawa becomes COO(Representative)
Jan. 2014 Brights Holdings Pte.Ltd. Established
May 2014 Brights Vietnam Co.,Ltd. Established
Aug. 2014 Brights Consulting America Inc. Established
Mar. 2015 Brights (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. Established
Oct. 2015 Enters capital alliance with GMO Internet, Inc.
Nov. 2015 Sale of Brights (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2016 Brights Consulting Inc. changes company name to GMO Brights Consulting Inc.
Jan. 2016 Closing of Brights Consulting Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Feb. 2016 Moving of head office and ANNEX to Shibuya